Avionics Modifications

We have standalone STC/Modifications for airliners, VIP Aircraft and Corporate Jets. We offer an innovative solution as a ‘one stop shop’ with minimum time to get you compliant with a dedicated team leader for your project. We have readymade solutions OR we can tailor one to suit your project requirements. All mods are FAA/EASA approved to support our customers and market requirements as being cost effective, practical, with short lead times and fully meeting the regulatory airworthiness and operational requirements. Our service includes development of the modification specific to your MSN configuration and wiring diagrams. We provide all the engineering data, installation kits, LRU’s and a working team to install the STC/Mod at your geographical location, if required, to save time. Our average lead time for each project is 3 to 4 weeks from contract signature to completing the full package ready to install on your aircraft.

The following are the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Modifications available:

  • B737-300/400/500 GNSS/SBAS: This is an independent system that allows aircraft to perform GNSS/SBAS, LP and LPV approaches with full redundancy. As the FMS/IRS is GPS updating enabled, this fully meets the RNP requirements for EN – ROUTE, TERMINAL, APPROACH. This STC is flexible as the ADS-B out can be integrated at a later stage by using the existing GPS source to power the new ADSB-Out Transponders. The system comprises of dual Esterline CMC Electronics CMA – 6024 landing system sensors, dual CMA-5025 GPS landing system (GLS) control panels, dual low profile high speed WAAS GPS/SBAS/GNSSU antennas, LVP/LP level of service annunciators lights and ILS/DME-ILS/SLS switch lights, 2 Smiths Industries FMC’s, with OPC with GPS update and OPS level U12.0 or higher. The CMA – 6024 provides high integrity GPS position updates to aircraft flight management system (FMS) and inertial reference system (IRS) in all phases of flight for greater accuracy.
  • B737-300/400/500 ADS-B Out: This is an independent system with replacement of the dual Honeywell or Collins Mode S Transponders with dual Honeywell TRA – 100B Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out System. The system has a Gables Engineering control panel to provide flight ID input and transponder fail annunciation. The system requires dual Esterline CMC Electronics CMA – 6024 sensors to provide the GPS source to the transponders.

  • B777-200/300 ADS-B Out: This is an independent system which consists of replacing the existing Mode S transponders with DO-260B compliant Mode S Transponders; the MMRs do not require to be replaced/upgraded, nor the Boeing software updates to the aircraft related to the ADS-B Out. System installation consists of replacing existing Mode S Transponders, installing new ATC fail annunciators on Captain and First Officer instrument panels and installing new dual GNSSU/SBAS sensors to provide redundancy for aircraft positioning to the transponder system.
  • Other STCs and Minor Modifications Available: CPLDC, SSCVR DATALINK, VHF/VDL-2 Datalink, SATCOM, FANS 1A, WIFI and IFE upgrades.

Projects Completed:

  • B737 BBJ FANS 1A with new SATCOM antenna, WIFI upgrade, CPLDC, ADS-B Out
  • B737-300 GNSS/ADS-B Out
  • B737-500 GNSS/ADS-B Out
  • B737-400 GNSS/ADS-B Out
  • B777-200 VIP. ADS-B Out
  • B777-300 ADS-B Out






Note:  GNSS is required in many airports in the world as a prerequisite to land; the restrictions are getting tighter with more airports opting for GNSS arrivals and approaches, as this greatly improves flow control of arriving aircraft into these airports. However, this has a huge financial impact for operators who do not have GNSS/ADS-B (Out) being restricted in these airports; hence the best option is to get complaint with full operational capability for a small cost. For example, the UAE will not allow any aircraft in its airspace without being GPS/ADS-B Out enabled.  The ADS-B Out has been mandatory in USA since January 2020. In Europe the start date was 7th June 2020, but this has now been delayed till 7th June 2023 due to Covid-19. The requirement for Data Link (CPLDC) has been waived on certain aircraft.