Leasing and Sales

Aircraft Sales

In the field of Aircraft Sales, HS Aviation is an expert with several sales conducted every year. We have real time market data and the most up to date information, combined with our vast industry experience and network we have established. We provide exclusive representation, whether our customers are buying, selling, trading or just an appraisal and cost comparison. Our service is a targeted acquisition service covering full market research, recommendation, procurement and legal services. By successfully overcoming a complex system into a seamless aircraft transaction process, we deliver the services much to the satisfaction of our customers.


Aircraft Leasing

HS Aviation specializes in providing tailor made leasing solutions in mature and emerging markets. Our team sources, consults, recommends, negotiates and manages every aspect of a lease. We work with a large range of carriers globally, lessors, banks, owners and manufacturers. We are always there every step of the way, making sure that our customers get the best service.

Engine Leasing

HS Aviation offers the following engines P&W JT8 Series, CF34-3, CF34-10, CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/5B, CFM56-7 engines for outright purchase or lease. We offer short-term leases ranging up to one year, and operating leases from 1 year to 5 year term as affordable and cost-effective solutions. Our short-term Leases provide you with the flexibility to cover unscheduled maintenance or to bridge a temporary gap in spare engine coverage or cover high-demand periods. Long-term leasing is generally used to increase operational flexibility, allowing you to focus your capital on core operations.